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Are you passionate about exploring the skies with your DJI drone? Do you want to take your aerial photography and videography to the next level? Welcome to the UPcreate drone club, where soaring to new heights is just the beginning!

Premium LUTs for DJI Drones

By joining drone club, you'll gain access to premium Look-Up Tables (LUTs) designed specifically for DJI Mavic 3 series, DJI Mini 3 PRO, and DJI Air 3 drones.

DJI LUTS in total value of 45$ are FREE for Drone Club members from day one.

Essential documents and resources to got you covered!

Before Drone Start Checklist: Ensure each flight is a success with our comprehensive pre-flight checklist.

Drone Law Basics: Stay informed about drone regulations and fly confidently within the legal framework.

Storyboard Template: Craft stunning aerial stories with our customizable storyboard template.

Essential documents in total value of 15$ are FREE for Drone Club members from day one.

Benefits on regular basis

Benefits on regular basis ⋆

Ongoing benefits

Leaks and news about new drones

Be the first to know about the latest drone releases and innovations.

Legislation updates

Stay compliant with up-to-date regulations and guidelines.

Tips and tricks about shooting with drones

Enhance your drone photography and videography skills.

Other valuable information

Exclusive content and resources to help you master your drone.

Community access

Connect with fellow enthusiasts, share experiences, and learn from experts.

Said about us

Joining the drone club was a great choice

The premium LUTs, ongoing updates, and useful documents have made a significant difference in my flying experience.


Tomas M.

Great color correction!

I got this one hoping it would make editing the Dlog M footage faster and it does a phenomenal job. Much better than DJI's own Lut.


Caleb H.

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Premium LUTS for:
DJI Mavic 3, DJI Mini 3 PRO, DJI Air 3

PDF templates and documents
Legislation basics, Drone before-start checklist, Storyboard template, Agreement template

Regular updates
Leaks and news about DJI products
News and updates
New luts every month
Community access