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LEAK: DJI AIR 3S - dual 1'inch SENSOR? 😱

In a tantalizing revelation for drone enthusiasts, leaked photos of the upcoming DJI Air 3S have surfaced, showcasing a promising upgrade that addresses previous criticisms. The new model, which retains the same body design as its predecessor, introduces a dual-camera setup and likely features a 1-inch sensor. This enhancement is eagerly anticipated by the drone community, which had expressed dissatisfaction with the smaller sensor in the previous version. The DJI Air 3S is expected to be released this summer.

Design and Build

The leaked images indicate that the DJI Air 3S maintains the same body design as the Air 2S, suggesting that users can expect similar performance, flight time, and omni-directional obstacle avoidance features. The consistent design indicates that DJI is focusing on upgrading the drone’s core imaging capabilities without altering the proven and popular aerodynamic structure.


Dual-Camera System

One of the standout features in the leaked photos is the dual-camera system. This setup is anticipated to offer enhanced versatility for aerial photography and videography. With the potential inclusion of both wide-angle and telephoto lenses, the DJI Air 3S could allow users to capture a broader range of shots with improved detail and clarity. This dual-camera configuration is a significant step forward, catering to the needs of both hobbyists and semi-professional photographers.

Enhanced Imaging with 1-Inch Sensor

The most exciting aspect of the leak is the probable upgrade to a 1-inch sensor. This larger sensor is a significant improvement over the smaller sensor in the Air 2S and is expected to deliver superior image quality. A 1-inch sensor allows for better light capture, higher dynamic range, and more detailed images, especially in low-light conditions. This upgrade directly responds to the community’s desire for better imaging performance, making the Air 3S a highly anticipated model.

DJI Air 3S


Community Reaction

The drone community has reacted with enthusiasm to the leaked photos and specifications. Discussions on forums and social media highlight a positive reception to the potential improvements. Many users are particularly excited about the larger sensor, which addresses one of the main drawbacks of the Air 2S. The anticipation is building for the summer release, with many expecting the Air 3S to set a new benchmark in the mid-range drone market.

Performance and Features

Despite the imaging enhancements, the DJI Air 3S is expected to deliver the same robust performance as the Air 3. Users can look forward to similar flight times, reliable omni-directional obstacle avoidance, and the overall flight stability that DJI drones are known for. This combination of familiar performance with upgraded imaging capabilities is likely to appeal to a wide audience, from casual users to more serious drone operators.

Leak DJI Air 4


Expected Release

While DJI has not officially announced the release date, the leaked information points to a summer 2024 launch. This timing is ideal for drone enthusiasts eager to explore new landscapes and capture stunning aerial footage during the season. The DJI Air 3S is poised to make a significant impact upon its release, offering a compelling mix of proven performance and cutting-edge imaging technology.


The leaked photos of the DJI Air 3S have generated considerable excitement within the drone community. With its anticipated dual-camera setup and upgraded 1-inch sensor, the Air 3S promises to deliver superior imaging capabilities while retaining the reliable performance of its predecessor. As we await the official announcement and release, the drone world is buzzing with anticipation, ready to embrace what could be one of the most impressive mid-range drones of the year.

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