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DJI MINI 3 - 12 LUT pack

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LUT pack for DJI MINI 3 PRO, featuring 12 professionally designed LUTs to take your aerial footage to the next level. Our LUTs have been carefully crafted by experienced colorists to bring out the best in your footage, whether you're shooting landscapes, cityscapes, or action shots.

With our LUTs, you can achieve a professional and polished look for your drone footage without spending countless hours on color grading. We've taken the feedback of industry professionals and transformed it into a product that delivers results.

You will get a ZIP (16MB) file

Featuring a carefully curated selection of LUTs

This pack offers a wide range of styles and looks to suit any project or creative vision. Whether you're shooting a breathtaking landscape, an action-packed adventure, or a romantic sunset, there's a LUT in this pack that will bring out the best in your footage.

Dominant colors that make the diference

Our LUTs are designed to transform your footage into a realm of authenticity and cinematic brilliance. Unleash the true potential of your visuals with ease, as our LUTs work harmoniously to create a natural and captivating look.

Don't settle for ordinary drone footage.

Upgrade your drone footage today and experience the power of the UPcreate's DJI Mini 3 Lut Pack. Unleash your creativity and soar above the rest!


The best MINI drones deserves the best LUTs. Elevate your D-cinelike footage and stand out from the crowd with UPcreate's LUTs. Color grading presets are easy to use and will help you create professional-looking footage immediatley.

Supported drones



Easy to edit

Discover the result of in-depth conversations with industry-leading video editors as we delved into their color grading preferences and the hurdles they encounter during the editing journey.

By analysing their invaluable insights, we developed our LUTs to tackle the prevalent challenges video editors encounter when dealing with drone footage. Uneven lighting, color imbalances, and lackluster saturation are no longer roadblocks with our thoughtfully crafted LUTs.

Edit with your favorite program

Whether you are Final Cut Pro X user, DaVinci Resolve master or Adobe Premiere Pro editor, you can use our LUTs across these platforms pretty easily.

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