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A Guide to applying LUTs to DJI Mini 3 PRO videos

Applying LUTs (Look-Up Tables) to your DJI Mini 3 PRO footage can significantly enhance the colors and overall look of your videos. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

1. Understand What LUTs Are:

LUTs are a form of color grading that can apply a specific look or style to your footage. They are preset color profiles that can correct your videos to appear more professional.

2. Record in D-Cinelike:

To get the most out of LUTs, you should record your footage in the D-Cinelike profile on your DJI Mini 3 PRO. This profile gives you a desaturated and flat image that is ideal for color grading.

3. Choose the Right LUTs:

There are many LUTs available, both free and for purchase. Choose LUTs that complement the DJI Mini 3 PRO's color science and your desired final look.

4. Use Editing Software:

To apply LUTs, you'll need video editing software that supports this feature. Software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, or DaVinci Resolve are popular choices.

Final Cut Pro

Adobe Premiere

DaVinci Resolve

5. Import Your Footage:

Start by importing your D-Cinelike footage into your chosen video editing software.

6. Apply the LUT:

In your video editing software, find the option to apply a LUT. This is usually found in the color grading or color correction panel. Simply select the LUT you wish to use and apply it to your clip.

7. Adjust the Intensity:

Most software allows you to adjust the intensity of the LUT. You can dial it back if the effect is too strong or increase it if the look is too subtle.

8. Fine-Tune Your Grade:

After applying the LUT, you may need to fine-tune the exposure, contrast, and saturation to get the perfect look for your footage.

9. Export Your Video:

Once you’re happy with the color grading, export your video from the editing software. Ensure you select the right format and settings for your intended use.

10. Test and Learn:

Applying LUTs is as much an art as it is a technical process. Test different LUTs and adjustments to learn what works best for different types of footage and lighting conditions.

Tips and Best Practices:

  • Always shoot in the highest quality format available on your DJI Mini 3 PRO to get the most dynamic range for color grading.

  • Monitor your exposure carefully when shooting, as overexposed or underexposed areas may not grade well.

  • Make subtle adjustments; a little goes a long way with color grading.

  • Save your color settings as a preset if you find a look that you like and want to maintain consistency across your videos.

Remember, the goal of using LUTs is to create a visually appealing video that tells a story or conveys an emotion. It’s not just about making the colors look ‘cool.’ Understanding the mood and tone you want to convey will guide you in selecting and applying the right LUTs for your DJI Mini 3 PRO footage.

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